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I just finished signing up with blog explosion - an awesome way to get visitors to your blog and an awesome way to find new blogs. I also figured out that it can be *very addictive* once you get started cruising the blogs - I actually had to set up a timer!

If you found your way here via blog explosion, I’d love to know it - please feel free to leave a comment (and you can pimp your blog while you’re at it). You can leave as little or as much info about yourself as you want!

If you didn’t find your way here via blog explosion, no worries, you can still leave a comment and pimp out your blog (just mention where you came from and spread some linky love)

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The Sad Truth About Working For Yourself

Today sucked to put it mildly.

I had a toothache. Not just any toothache. I had a throbbing, painful, so bad that I stayed in bed and cried toothache. I got no work done, not even for my clients.

I’ve scheduled an appointment with my dentist, but because it’s “not an emergency” I will have to wait - in pain, and to make matters worse - I ran out of Advil (and I don’t have any other pain killers in my home).

When I’m in pain, it’s hard for me to stay conscious (literally). It’s definitely hard to drive when you can’t stay conscious.

It’s evening now and this is the first time I have been able to sit at my computer without screaming out in pain all day. I’m hoping that I can stay conscious long enough to go to the store and get some pain killers.

Since I work for myself there was no work done today - sucky. And since I am my sole source of income, days like this definitely hinder the flight to financial freedom…gosh I hope tomorrow is better.

I’ll be meditating on it.

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In Desparate Need of a Brain Dump (and then some)

Gosh this week’s been hectic and somewhat surreal. It’s like I’m watching my life go by right in front of my eyes and there’s nothing I can do about it and I can’t seem to “jump in” anywhere. There are so many things I want to do, but it’s so hard for me to focus and I can’t understand why.

That’s when I realized. It’s just about time for me to write another letter to God. We need to have a serious sit down chat. I need to apologize for a few things (eh hem - cough). I need to let him know that I am going to focus more and what I’m going to focus more on. I need, most of all, to ask him for his help again.

It seems like, sometimes, when I do ask for his help - receive it - I take off running with it and just start thinking “hey, this isn’t so hard. I think I can continue on without his help from this point.” - HA - wrong.

So today, I plan to take it easy and work things out with my spiritual essence. I also plan to do a massive brain dump (which I’ll most likely publish here later on). Then the rest of the weekend, I also plan to take it easy still - however, it will be a learning time.

I get so busy and these ebooks that I’ve purchased and downloaded just keep piling up and piling up and ultimately, none of them get put to good use. That’s going to change this weekend. I plan to read at least 5 of them (well, skim them, choose which ones are actually worth my full attention, then go back and read those) - so expect a full review once I’m all finished up.

I think that’s it for now. Thanks for listening to me ramble on.

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I feel like such a bum

I woke up this morning to lawn mower people cutting the grass and decided I shoudl roll out of bed and do something - anything. Wow, that really didn’t happen. All I did was check my email. I know I have a couple projects I could have worked on, but for whatever reason, I just wasn’t interested in working on them. Each time I opened up Dreamweaver or Photoshop my attention wandered. I thought an extra long hot shower would help - uh…no.

In my own defense, I did manage to apply to another affiliate program to further expand my affiliate site. I also replied to a few email inquiries. I started working on my most recent venture. I’m not as excited about this one as my affiliate program, but it’s something that will put money in my pocket while I build my affiliate businesses and I sure wouldn’t mind having some extra spending money - seeing as how all my money is currently going into my business.

I guess I’m trying to “feel okay” with myself even if I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done. That whole “inspired actions” thing and frankly, I felt inspired to do not a damn thing. I’m going to watch a movie and hopefully some sparks will hit me and I’ll have enough ooomph to finish adding the link directory to my affiliate site or at very least finish the design to my most recent project so I can start bringing in new clients later this week.


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So Much Stuff, So Little Time

It seems that life is always putting something on your plate, whether you want it or not. I woke up this morning, late mind you, and I thought to myself “dammit, this sucks!” because I hate getting a late start. When I get a late start, I really don’t feel like doing much of anything.

To make things even worse, I hate going out in the late morning - early evening times because I fear bumping into one of my neighbors. It’s not that I don’t like my neighbors, I just don’t feel comfortable being withing eyeshot of any of them. Oh well, I’ll just wait until tonight to get my grocery shopping done.

On a lighter note, I believe I will try to get some other stuff done around the home today. Shut off the computer for the rest of day (I will surely need God’s help with that one), and work on my business plan. I currently have a couple projects I am so antsy to get done. I set up my very first affiliate site a couple nights ago and already added 69 items to it - don’t get any bad ideas about the number, it was just a coincidence. Today, I really want to get some link exchanges going and have the link directory set up. My goal with this particular website is to generate a steady $1,000 per month. I know it will take a few months to get it up to par, but that’s what goal setting and prayer is for.

My ultimate goal is to have about 10 more affiliate websites, each generating at least $1,000 per month, before 2005 is over - anything more than that is an added bonus in my book. So far, I’ve tasted the sweetness of affiliate marketing and getting paid for setting up a website one time and putting it on “auto-pilot” - I figure why not do some more.

Also on my agenda for today is to actually clean my house - it literally looks like a pig sty because I’ve been so busy. Hopefully when all is said and done, I won’t get distracted and I’ll have plenty to show for my time when I sit down to write my “today I accomplished” list.

I’m still trying to fit into my blog skin, so I’ll definitely be using this website as a place to get my thoughts all collected and organized.

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