I always thought of the sandbox as something that “happened to other people” and not me, until today.

My affiliate site appears to have been sandboxed by Google and it’s very disconcerting to say the least. I now know and understand what those web masters go through when they check to see if their site’s been indexed in Google only to find it hasn’t. Then scamper to check in Yahoo! and MSN only to find that it has. After that, a web master doesn’t really know what else to think.

I decided to do a little bit of research on the domain name I purchased (on a whim and it simply seemed like a good choice at the time) and turns out it was previously owned. The big clue should have been when a good chunk of my referrals were coming from the yellow pages website.

Google bot loves crawling my site, but it seems like I’ll have to wait in Google limbo until it’s all fixed up. I’m not sure whether I should contact Google and ask them if there’s something particularly wrong with this website - it’s no different structurally than any of my other websites (which were all crawled and indexed in under a week), so other than the domain name being previously owned.

It is still a little odd to me that Google would sandbox my affiliate site because of being previously owned - it’s been more than 2 years as far I can tell. And this website (www.astepcloser.com) was previously owned too, but it’s still indexed and doing well in Google. Guess this is a wait and see game.

The good news is, I’m getting a TON of traffic from Yahoo! and some trickles from MSN. Yahoo! is now my new best friend :D .