I didn’t focus on the $100 per day project today. Instead focused on my long neglected affiliate based website. I gave my clients the boot for the day and decided that I was going to do something for myself since I was hinging on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

I signed up with a new affiliate program over the weekend (my last one discontinued their affiliate programs), added 32 new pages of content, and made a few tweaks to the template and layout.

I’m feeling a renewed vigor for this particular affiliate website because I got the approval notice from the new affiliate - yay. And this affiliate allows me to create links directly to individual products (aka smart links).

I was totally starting to feel bummed for a minute because I hadn’t heard anything for so long from the previous affiliate program I applied to (they didn’t even bother to contact me and let me know they discontinued their program, I had to contact them).

Aside from that, I’ve become an Adsense tracking fiend. I’ve broken the tracking down as follows:

  1. Week
  2. Channel name (i.e. the website)
  3. CTR (click through rate)
  4. Page Impressions (Total/Average)
  5. Clicks (Total/Average)
  6. Earnings (Total/Average)
  7. Notes

I track the results weekly and note the ad format I’m using or changes I made. This way, I am able to see at a glance where I am with my Adsense earnings and quickly see what’s working on what sites and what’s not. So far, my most recent change has yielded a 2.7% increase in my click through rate - yay.

When I’m not so lazy, I may turn my spreadsheet into a PDF for download with a few more notes.