People want to **** themselves in the *** with a tree trunk and then expect me to yank it out for them when they realize it’s covered with ****?


I’m having one helluva time with a client who went and screwed himself royally on a project I just helped him complete.

I finished my tasks for this project as near to perfect as a human can get (according to the client) and then he decided he could do some things better - because I “made it look so easy” - completely ignoring all my *sage* advice (like I was just pulling it out of my *** for the hell of it or something - <sarcasm>it’s not like I’ve been down that road before or anything</sarcasm>).

Well, everything is now BORKED and he wants me to fix it for him - for free.

He hasn’t come right out and say “hey, can you fix it for free” because he knows better - but I get an email every day which starts with “how do I…” in the hopes that I’ll get fed up and either write up some detailed instructions (which will take me the better part of an hour) or do it for him.

I’ve done neither and I won’t, not because I’m mean or don’t want to, but because it’s not fair to me or my paying clients. Just seeing his name in my inbox is very draining mentally.

I think I’m going to start filtering his email into my junk folder.