I was reading a blog entry that piqued my interests. This is a very bold and daring goal - quite frankly, one I would love to participate in.

I’ve decided that, along with my other goals, I will participate in this challenge. I’ve been meaning to set up a PPC campaign and I’ve had a definite interest in mini-sites lately. With that, my goal for the next 12 weeks will be to generate a steady income of $100 per day.

I plan to achieve this goal by creating at least 5 niche topic mini sites in unison with PPC campaigns. I also want to develop a content site optimized for organic search engine traffic (no PPC or otherwise), this will be my long term money maker and will continue to be developed regularly.

I want to map everything in a daily, weekly, and monthly chart which should definitely help on the goal setting. Blogging it will take care of the accountability - I certainly don’t want to slack if I know the whole world (or at least a fraction of it) is watching me LOL.

My plan is not as laid out and detailed as Nadav’s right now, but I will be expounding on this basic framework while I get everything straightened out. I am going to work out my business plan and road map which I will post here later this week.