Normally I don’t put up too many products by name on this blog - it’s a rule of thumb, however, I came across Google Adsense Secrets, and that I will gladly list because it’s ingenious!

One thing I want to get clear about this product is simply that it’s not just for internet marketers, or search engine marketers, or the lot - it’s for anyone who has a website displaying adsense or anyone who would like to put adsense on their website.

I’m glad I came into contact with this report when I did (and I have to admit, the selling point for me was the testimonial by Chris Pirillo). Since I decided to start a network for my highly targeted niche blog sites, I drafted a business plan and found that my 80% of the money I was hoping to generate from the blog was going to be Google Adsense revenue and the remainder would be from affiliate products and sponsors.

Although I’ve known about this for a little while, I wanted to hold off on saying anything until I could give you some figures for myself (read my earlier post on so-called internet marketing gurus and you’ll see why). I just got done checking my Adsense figures, and since implementing just one of the techniques gleaned from this resource, my Google Adsense revenue went up 86% :D - now, that’s nothing to smurk at.

This report came very timely for me because it’s definitely helping to get my cash flow up there. With this under my belt, and with some SEO strategies and traffic techniques I’ve learned from visiting various forums - this network of sites will be generating more revenue than I can expect in half the time - woo and hoo! Life is definitely starting to look up.

Honestly, if you want to implement Adsense on your website properly - you’ll need this resource - trust me.