I am subscribed to so many marketing, search engine, how to ezines that it can make anyone’s head spin. I’ve actually come to the point where I only download the headers in my email program, skim the subject lines, if it interests me I’ll download the full email. 99% of them are never downloaded.

Today, I decided to download an article that was sent from SitePro News with the subject “Google Takes Care of Idiots Too” - and on a side note, this is a good attention grabbing subject line, take note.

Alexis Dawes writes:

“As for me… well my actual sites still didn’t rise much in the ranks. I’m still hovering somewhere around #50+.

But that hasn’t phased me one bit.

I look at the big picture and understand that getting traffic from Google is much more than having my site reach the top 10.

If I have 50 advertisements (similar to the ones from Backpage.com) that are in top 10 positions, and they’re all delivering traffic from targeted keyphrases, I haven’t lost anything. All those keyphrases delivering trickles of traffic equal a flood of clicks and orders at the end of the day.

Not a bad deal for somebody who’s SEO illiterate.”

That’s all well and good, but I prefer to have my cake and eat it too. While back roads to getting into Google’s index might be a nice *addition* to your marketing strategy, I’d just as soon prefer to be SEO literate.

I’d rather have my website ranked between #1-10 or #1 on the 2nd or 3rd pages in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN for highly targeted keywords. If I can’t get ranked for a highly targeted keyword, then the back road idea is a good one. Let’s just say that this article sounds like a “Plan B” option or a compliment to “Plan A” in my opinion.