This weekend I made a vow to myself to not work. That’s right. I promised myself that I would not work on client projects, I would not work on my own projects, and I would not work period. The only thing I was allowed to do was relax and learn.

I’m actually quite glad I took that time to focus on myself because I was suffering from some serious burnout. I’m still a bit burnt out, but at least my head is screwed on a little tighter and I can focus a little more.

Just so you can share in what I learned up on. I went through all the PDF ebooks on my computer (there’s somewhere around 40ish), printed off the ones I knew I really wanted to read which totalled around 4 or 5. I grabbed my pen, a highlighter, and a glass of water.

I didn’t get through all of them, but I am proud that I accomplished something.

I read The Guide To Search Engine Marketing (PDF) available for download from OneUpWeb. It contains some pretty basic information and if you’ve done any research into search engine optimization, this will be old news. However, there are some good reminders sprinkled in there to keep you on your SEO toes. I also loved the glossary. I’m sure it will come in handy. They also offer just the glossary in their articles/whitesheets section, so no need to download the full manual (41 pages) if you’re only interested in the terms.

The second ebook I read was The Beginners Guide to Business Blogging by Debbie Weil. This is a really great introduction if you’re completely new to the world of blogging. While there are also bits of great information, it’s filled with a helping of fluff. Had it been edited for content/repeat information, I’m sure it would have shrunk by more than half.

On another note, however, I love the formatting of this ebook. It’s always nice to see an ebook that’s not plain jane.

Reflecting on one of the notes I left myself in the printed version:

search engines seem to love blogs

Next to it, I wrote “BURN INTO CORNEAS!” - just in case you haven’t guessed it yet, this is an important concept to grasp.

The free download of this ebook has been disabled, however, if you really would like a copy of it, leave me a comment by clicking on “Leave your review” and use your real email addy - it won’t be shown. I’ll send a copy of the ebook to that email address.

And finally, I’m reviewing a copy of Liz Tomey’s JV ebook. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but there is a lot of good information to be found within its pages. It goes over some techniques for locating and contacting JV partners which is something I will be doing in the near future with the launch of my upcoming project. I’m only halfway through it, but so far it makes for good reading.

On the “to be read” list, I have The Power of Concentration by Mike Litman (what I love about this book is that it’s an actual book - not an ebook, so I didn’t have to use any ink printing it out and it doesn’t cost anymore than the average marketing ebook does either).

I also want to get through Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill (PDF) which is definitely all the rage with the “gurus” and from what I can get through, it contains a lot of wise information. I currently have the PDF version (230+ pages) and haven’t printed it yet because I had to order a new ink cartridge for all this stuff LOL. I’d recommend getting the paperback version from Amazon - it’s only about $3 and you won’t have to worry about wasting ink or going blind.

Next after that is Scientific Marketing by Claude Hopkins. I don’t know too much about this ebook - but if it can help my sorry marketing skills, then it’s definitely on my list of “to be read immediately” books.

The list of ebooks I want to get through in the coming weeks seems somewhat endless, but I’m focused. I will only read the ebooks that will directly apply to my current project - all the rest can wait. I’m learning up on business blogging, search engine optimization, press releases/free marketing techniques, and business management (i.e. setting up business plans and setting business goals).

And for the curious people - none of these links (except Amazon) are affiliate links. This is my own personal blog, not a place for me to pimp out products. I really like these lucid days.