It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog (3 days) and I’ve been wanting to, quite badly, but something always seems to come up.

I’ve been in a funk, especially about my affiliate website. I still haven’t heard any word from the affiliate site as yet - I really am starting to think that affiliate manager is asleep at the wheel. But I didn’t let that deter me, I was still able to:

  • Add a Feed and Corresponding URLs to the affiliate site
  • Make a few design changes to the affiliate site
  • Submit my website to another 6 directories (thus meeting my daily goal)
  • Update the contact form page
  • Added/deleted a few CMS plugins

After all of that was done and said, I was able to focus on some client websites. I managed to get 2 more clients and one more lead :) , so business is looking up. I also finished designing my short term money site (don’t worry, nothing illegal) and I only need to make a few minor updates before it’s ready for launch and marketing.

I also developed the site map and category layout for my next project. So right now, I currently have:

  • 1 affiliate site I’m actively and aggressively developing/promoting
  • 1 short term money website in development and a few pages away from launch
  • 2 other affiliate/content sites in development
  • 4 websites on the back burner - will focus on these sites like a laser once I’ve finished the others

And of course, there’s the client projects that I have work on - I made a list of current clients/what needs to be done and I will steadily work through that.

I’ve also decided that I will take a hiatus from current outside work to focus on my affiliate/online projects and I do have some die hard loyal clients, so they will understand and deal with the 2 month wait.