Well, although I felt like a lazy ******* yesterday because I got not a damn thing done, today I can’t say the same. I actually forced myself to sit down and work on my affiliate site. I finished the coding for the link directory and installed the link management software. I even managed to include a couple links in it. Tomorrow I intend to finish adding my links and start seeking out viable link partners.

In the meanwhile, I anxiously await approval from the affiliate site I applied to. While the website already has 69 pages created, I really need to get approval from the associate program so that I can start adding their product pages which will make up about 90% of the site’s content.

On another note, I really didn’t get any work done for client sites today either. I know I’m supposed to be working on one in particular, but the good news is, I’m still ahead of schedule and there is some content he needs to get to me. I also acquired a new client as well, I will be starting that project - which hopefully should be quick and painless - next week. I wanted to give myself ample time to work on the two most urgent websites I have on my plate (my affiliate site and my quick money site).

That’s all for the business update.