I do a lot of reading, especially alot of internet marketing blogs and articles. After reading about four blog articles on how their PR is up and how many people they have linking back to them, I finally decided to stop reading.

While I understand the importance of link exchanges and PR and all that other wonderful stuff, there is already plenty of people writing about it and how they already have it. What I want to hear more about are the results. Cold hard figures. Describe to me how your going from PR0 to PR4 in a month has impacted your online revenue.

In that month timeframe, how much more money did you earn as a result? In that month timeframe, how many listings has your blog or website or whatever jumped in the SERPs? Those are the things the internet marketing gurus need to be talking about.

You can have all the PR in the world and you can talk about it, and to some internet marketers who are still wet behind the ears will start thinking you’re some amazing SEM God, but the fact remains, unless you have cold hard figures to back up the announcements of the ever increasing PR, it means diddly to me.

It is definitely time for me to go through my bookmarks, newsletter subscription lists, and RSS feeds and decide which of these gurus is worth the 5-15 minutes of my life that I waste reading their BS. I’ll post my results at a later date.