I floated by last year and it was by far the best year I had in terms of business. 2005 got started with a huge bang and hasn’t really slowed down since. That’s good news. Actually, that’s great news because I feel very inspired to “get stuff done” and continue growing in terms of business.

But it’s painfully obvious to me that I need a better system. Better organization because some days my head seems like it’s stuck so far up my *** I can see through my nostrils. Each time I purchase a new organization system or book, there seems to be something missing from it or I’ll be good for a few weeks, then revert back to my old habits (I’m a habitual procrastinator).

I really need a better system, so that will be my ultimate goal for tomorrow. I know I have a few client projects to work on and I have two potential clients lined up (yay - they will help me to fund my ventures and pay down some bills), but I plan to only spend 4 hours working on client projects, 2 hours working on my web ventures (namely setting up the link exchange directory for my new affiliate site and submitting my URL to a couple indexes), and then I will spend the remainder of the evening filing. Yep, you heard right - filing. My filing system is non-existant and I have papers flowing all over the place.

It’s tax season and I swear I’m not very good at taxes. Last year was definitely better than 2003 and I only had to pay $100 so I can just imagine how much Uncle Sam is going to try and take from me. I believe I will definitely be bringing my business to somewhere like H&R Block or something so I can hopefully get out of having to pay any money at all because I had a whole lot of business expenses for setting up.

I know I also need to get all my receipts in order and all my paid invoices to really take inventory of how well I did last year with my consulting business. But for the immediate future, I just need to find a suitable filing system and a suitable organization/motivation system.