Finally I have it. A quiet place away from the fray where I can document my hopes and fears, goals and achievements, fantasies and dreams, and everything in between. A place where I can be totally open and bare my soul - flaws and all.

Judge me if you will, however, I do not care. Not because I don’t care about you, but simply because I believe there is only one judge. But before you decide to judge me, know this: I am a real person with real feelings, living a real life. I know that you are reading my words on a screen and you can’t hear my voice or see my face or touch my skin, but I am a real person. This is my life, these are my thoughts, these are my feelings. This is my refuge.

I am a step away from learning to breathe again. A step away from learning to love again. A step away from living my life again. By reading my words, you are taking that step with me, by my side. Thank you.